Warranty Information

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Although we'd like to cover everything under the sun with our warranty, the following details the warranty coverage under our various services.

Bat Exclusion

Covered Not Covered
We Guarantee all repairs with a full five year warranty. We seal all potential entry points on your home or commercial building under 1/2”. If there is scratching or re-entry of bats into your home or attic we return for a re-inspections free of charge. One-way door removal and re-inspections are the responsibility of the home owner to schedule. Bat removal on log homes or cedar shake roofs are warrantied for one year. Bat and Wildlife Solutions is not responsible for the following; open doors or widows, new roofs or weather damage, dead bats found in attic spaces or roosting bats on the outside of homes. Scratching heard throughout winter months could be mice, we will determine this through test traps. If the test traps do not retain any mice, we will have to wait until the bats are active in warmer months.

Bird Removal

Covered Not Covered
We warranty all our repairs for five years. New roofs or weather damage.


Warrantied for 30 days. We will come back and repair new chew holes for 5 years with an additional service fee.


We warranty squirrels for 30 days against chewing. We will give an estimate to squirrel proof your entire house, or for an additional service fee come back and repair new holes.

Wildlife Trapping

After the initial set-up fee, we will return for up to 30 days to bait traps if necessary. Traps set on your property may catch a variety of animals other than the one targeted. It is your responsibility to inform us of any animals in the traps. If it is determined nuisance wildlife is gone, traps may be removed without notice. No one except Bat and Wildlife Solutions employees should handle the traps. It is important to make visitors and neighbors aware of the traps on your property. We are not responsible for anyone scratched or bitten during the removal process. PLEASE DO NOT TRY AND REMOVE ANIMAL YOURSELF.